Key issues

  1. No codified knowledge base (BoK)
  2. Knowledge not organized for practice use

Other issues

- User experience practice evolving fast
- Practitioner isolated, doesn't know the basics
- Answers for practitioners is always "it depends"
- Hard to find things in our multi-disciplinary field

Issues from the SIG

  • Hard to tell what everyone should read

  • Different audiences for Bok (amateurs, ...)
  • Practitioners WANT guidelines, even if they are not good for them - need to articulate them well, ask the right questions


  • Get chairs to take ownership of (compendium of practitioner take-aways) for the CHI 2011 program (better than benefits stmts). Hold a slot for the publication? Online publication. (What about the links into the proceedings?)
  • Encourage authors to put copies of papers out there for free (add links to this online compilation, measure it).
  • Focus on online, open (wiki-ish).
  • Focus more on methods (instead of 7+-2).
  • UPA BOK: Encourage authors to add their research as links in the BOK. Tweak BOK volunteer form for this audience.