Demarcating User eXperience

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UX already has a thriving practitioner community. We
must address their needs.
  • Elizabeth Buie (Luminanze Consulting LLC - Silver Spring, US)
There is a large, active UX practitioner community working passionately to create products that give their users good experiences. They, too, are aware of the difficulty of defining UX; in fact, "DTDT" ("Define the Damned Thing") has become a kind of standing joke on Twitter and in other venues where members of the community communicate. So they could well be receptive to the contributions of the work of this seminar.

Much of the UX practitioner community, however, thinks (wrongly, but that's beside the point) that academic research is irrelevant to their work. If we want our work to help promote good user experiences of actual systems and products, we must make sure we speak to this community.