CHI 2013 sessions related to RPI

Special interest groups:

1. Research-practice interaction: building bridges, closing the gap
Elizabeth Buie, Clare J. Hooper, Aaron Houssian

Previous work in the CHI community has identified and explored gaps between theory and practice in HCI research [2]. The recently formed SIGCHI Community on Research-Practice Interaction aims to help bridge the gap between research and practice, by for example supporting practitioner-friendly dissemination of results, and serving as a conduit for feedback from practitioners to researchers. This SIG is an opportunity for interested CHI attendees to meet members of the SIGCHI RPI community, and engage in discussions on RPI issues including the CHI format, dissemination of results, and supporting practice-based research.

2. On top of the user experience wave: how is our work changing?

The field of Human-Computer Interaction has evolved over three decades, from human factors and usability to user experience. But what has changed in practice, in the approaches and methods we use? Has anything changed other than the names of the teams within organizations? And what might be coming next? In this SIG, we discuss how the work of HCI professionals has changed over the years and explore the future of their work.

In the recap, the following UXRPI issues were listed for CHI 2014:

Proposals for UX @ CHI 2014

• Closing the gap between academics vs. practitioners at CHI:
  • • Applicability of research to practice (practitioner commentators?)
  • • Feeding topics for research from practice
• Connection between engineering academia and UX