Does your work include a focus on User Experience (UX)? (Do you think it might, but you're not sure?) Would you just like to learn more? Come join us at the CHI2010 User Experience Community SIG. Here's what we plan to cover:
  • ongoing efforts to define UX, what it is and isn't
  • what we've been doing to improve CHI for UX folks, what else you'd like to see
  • volunteers for CHI2011, especially people willing to review UX papers and case studies
  • the Usability Body of Knowledge — what it is, how you can use it, and how we can contribute to it

We're also hoping to start a tradition of "brokering" research questions. We'll match up
  • practitioners with burning questions unanswered by research
  • researchers contemplating new research topics

If you have any other ideas for discussion, contact one of this year's UX Community chairs — Elizabeth Buie, Susan Dray, Keith Instone, or Jhilmil Jain.

When: Tuesday, April 13, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm
Where: Chicago ABC