CHI2010 SIG - Research into Practice

Are you a practitioner yearning to get more out of CHI and its research? Are you a researcher seeking to put your findings into action? Come to the Research into Practice SIG, where we will present the results of Sunday's Researcher-Practitioner Interaction workshop to you, the broader CHI community, and where you will have the opportunity to add to the ideas. Here's the outline:
  • Summary of problems/issues identified in workshop
  • Summary of solutions/approaches proposed in workshop
  • Description of action items already assigned
  • Invitation to add to both
  • Voting on priorities
  • Solicitation of volunteers!

If you have any other ideas for discussion, contact one of the workshop organizers — Elizabeth Buie, Susan Dray, Keith Instone, or Jhilmil Jain.

When: Wednesday, April 14, from 9:00 to 10:30 am
Where: Chicago ABC