CHI 2010 Workshop recap

This wiki was set up initially for a CHIA 2010 workshop. Since then it has grown to cover other wok on this topic.

Below is info about the workshop.

CHI 2010 workshop & special interest group meeting on Researcher-Practitioner Interaction

This is wiki was used to prepare for the CHI 2010 workshop about addressing the gaps in human-computer interaction research and practice. It contains material from the workshop (such as position papers from participants and notes from what was discussed). It also contains information about the follow-up meeting at the conference.

As expected, this wiki is a work in progress. We hope it can evolve to help us address these gaps.

(rough) Notes from the workshop/SIG

To-do list for workshop participants

Session descriptions

  • Workshop submission: [[file/view/Workshop-Submission.pdf|Workshop-Submission.pdf]]
  • Special interest group description for the proceedings: [[file/view/SIG127-Instone.pdf|SIG127-Instone.pdf]]

Publicity about / reports on the workshop

Strong showing of IBM researchers at CHI 2010