CHI 2011 ideas and solutions

Bo's list
  • "Benefits" editor for the program (existing field). Research-savvy practitioners needed.
  • Award for best case study
  • Award for most impact for practice by a research paper
  • (Overall) Community committees more involved in the process, "Connecting" theme (includes connecting researchers and practitioners)
  • New field of "practitioner take-aways".
  • ...

Other ideas
  • Coaching for presenters, esp. because of shorter time slots

  • Submit to the "practice track"
  • Make it easier to get practitioners on the program - to help them attend
  • Start long-term relationships (e.g., practitioner as student advisers, students do interns)
  • Publish the process of the work, not the details/findings
  • Review process, shepherding
  • Target specific types of practitioners (for CHI conference, cf. with UPA conference)
  • "Madness" helps practitioners, research less overwhelming. Summarize.
  • "Design the conference"
  • Topical communities that include both researchers and practitioners
  • Separate program for practitioners but do not tinker with the scientific part of the program
  • Companion to the conference program. Summary for practitioners.
  • Egghead & grunt sessions
  • Practitioners help design the conference
  • Practitioners submit sticky problems, solver in interactionary style
  • More "user needs" content. "Understanding people"
  • "Connecting" theme